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Oldsmobile Pioneers Date Their Automobile Production to 1902!

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The Chevrolet Dealers Nashville Tennessee automobiles date back far! Many argue that the first ‘real’ automobile was produced in the late 1800′s with the intention of transporting groups of passengers with self propelled and steam powered road vehicles. This invention by French Amedee Bollee helped start the auto industry, and led to many Chevrolet Dealers Nashville knows and recognizes! A Chevrolet Dealers Nashville convention is held annually and is pre planned by Nashville Car Dealerships to describe history pertaining to auto dealerships. Women were the forefront of the auto industry. Imagine if Chevrolet Dealers Nashville Automotives were run by women? We must acknowledge that Chevrolet Dealers Nashville auto centers are available because of women’s contributions. By 1923, nearly two hundred inventions brought forth were made and created by women. This includes the carburetor in your Tennessee buick, as well as the electric engine starter inside most Nashville Chevrolet vehicles. In fact, we can credit the windshield wiper to Mary Anderson in 1905. She patented it after she noticed that the drivers of automobile and trolley’s were unable to see during weather with precipitation.

Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN acknowledge the Nashville Chevrolet Dealers association that exists and respects the history of the Chevrolet Dealers Nashville has come to admire. Without, their contributions, we wouldn’t know the sound of a car horn, nor recognize that it beeps in the musical key of F! For Chevrolet Dealers Nashville admirers, we must take a moment to quickly acknowledge Ransom E. Olds and his Olds Motor Vehicle Company which later came to be known as Oldsmobile. For without which, we may never have had the auto industry today!


Find out which is the best motor oil

Where to get oil changes

Ever ask yourself what is the best motor oil for your car? What seems like such a simple question can actually be very difficult to answer sometimes. Some automotive models may have different motor oil standards than others. Thankfully, those that find themselves asking questions such as what is the best motor oil can learn all about motor oil, as well as API motor oil standards. Information like this could also answer other common questions, such as where to get an oil change?

Answers to the question what is the best motor oil could include a great deal about the EPA and the standards it has set for oil and gasoline in the United States. According to this federal agency, if properly recycled, 2 gallons of used oil is enough to run the electricity of the average American home for a full 24 hours. Some 3.7 billion gallons of used motor oil was produced in 2009 by vehicles around the world. Only 10 to 15 percent of the oil in the United States is re refined. In Europe, approximately 50 percent of the motor oil has gone through such a process.

Seeking an answer to questions like what is the best motor oil is quite common, if for nothing else the sheer volume of cars being driven these days. Those seeking to discover what is the best motor oil could also learn that putting too much oil in to a cars engine could cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil. This causes the shaft to churn air into the oil which can lead to fluctuations in oil pressure and foaming.

So what is the best motor oil? Depending on when one wants to drive or what kind of car they have, the answer to what is the best motor oil could vary. Certain viscosity gradings, including 25, 15, 10, 5 and 0 are suffixed with the letter W, which is used to designate their winter or cold start viscosity. It does not stand for “weight,” as some believe. Good refereneces: