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The Power of NPR

Car talk show

NPR, also known as National Public Radio, has been providing news and engaging perspectives for more than 40 years. With news correspondents based all over the world and nearly 1,000 public stations airing its content, NPR has a reach of nearly 26 million listeners each and every week. In fact, NPR reaches a larger audience than all of the top newspapers combined. What contributes to the popularity of NPR? The answer lies in its elevated and diverse perspective on news (many stories of which are often neglected by large network news stations) and in its engaging and informative Npr car talk show series, such as Whadya Know and Car Talk NPR.

Car Talk NPR was broadcasted for more than 30 years, and centered around the advice of two Bostonian brothers (Click and Clack) who are two car mechanic extraordinaires. At the height of the popularity of Car Talk NPR, the recommendations from the auto mechanics reached approximately 3.3 million listeners each week in more than 660 stations across the United States.

Car Talk NPR is no longer producing new radio shows, however, archived Car Talk NPR podcasts are available online at the Car Talk NPR website. Fans and listeners of Car Talk NPR can also subscribe to weekly podcasts that are delivered directly to their email inbox. The online Car Talk NPR site also houses tons of informational guides for buying, owning, driving, and selling most types of cars. In addition to the sage car advice from Click and Clack, there are online message boards from other listeners, which provides added information and tips for car care and maintenance. Another bonus to the Car Talk NPR website is the Mechanics Files, which is a directory replete with reviews and comments from other listeners regarding the quality of mechanics in your neck of the woods. This is particularly useful since there often is not better advice than word of mouth.