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Three of the Best Cars to See at Your Next Antique Car Show!

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James Bond had his Aston Martens; the Fonz had his Triumph motorcycle; and Batman had his bat-mobile. Each of these characters symbolizes the pinnacle of “cool” to most of America, and this is no doubt influenced by their select choice of ride. Many of these magnificent testaments to automotive engineering can be found at antique car shows. If you tune in to car talk shows on the radio, or keep an eye out on vehicle blogs, you can hear announcements for events like import car shows and old car shows, where you’ll have the chance to check out some of these amazing cars, and possibly even buy one.

Here is a short list of some of the amazing rides you can check out at upcoming antique car shows!

1. The 1970-74 Datsun 240Z.

Listed on MSN’s “Affordable Classic Cars For Hot Summer Cruising”, t