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Three Tips for Being an Informed and Savvy Car Buyer in 2014

What suv should i buy

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, now seems to be the best time for buying a car. Many car dealers are reducing prices as 2014 models come in, yet large numbers of 2013s remain. A senior analyst for Kelly Blue Book, Alec Gutirrez, says that you can typically get 5% to 6% off sticker prices while dealing, but this holiday season you can see that number rise to 8% to 10%.

There’s more to buying a car, of course, than just having an idea of general industry trends. It’s no secret that buyers are coming to dealerships more informed about their options and potential deals than ever before. Here are three things you should keep in mind in order to be an informed consumer and car buyer in 2014.

1. How to Purchase a New Car

If you’re a Millennial, Time notes that this age gro


Get the Facts About Oil Changes

Auto repair services

Purchasing a new car is incredibly exciting, until the monthly payments kick in, insurance premiums are due, and the oil change light on the dash starts blinking. If you are a new car owner, it can be tempting to put off an oil change, especially if you have never had one done before, but there are consequences for avoiding this car maintenance basic. Before you start hating car ownership, here are some common questions and answers about oil changes that will help you to take better care of your car, and enjoy it for longer.

How often should you change your oil?

The best oil change time frame to follow will come from your car manufacturer, or from your local auto repair shop if you trust their opinion. The rule that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles is a very conservative est


Why Your Company Needs Car Transport Services

Dependable auto shipping

Your business might offer corporate relocation service, but does it have a company lined up for car transport services? If it is your intention to make relocation simpler for your business, and your current or future employees, then having a vehicle shipping service on hand is an incredible asset. Besides the fact that many of these services can offer same day pickup, expedited delivery, door to door service, a dedicated counselor, and rental car provision, there are other key benefits to having a good company ready to go when one of your employees ne


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