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Three Tips for Being an Informed and Savvy Car Buyer in 2014

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune, now seems to be the best time for buying a car. Many car dealers are reducing prices as 2014 models come in, yet large numbers of 2013s remain. A senior analyst for Kelly Blue Book, Alec Gutirrez, says that you can typically get 5% to 6% off sticker prices while dealing, but this holiday season you can see that number rise to 8% to 10%.

There’s more to buying a car, of course, than just having an idea of general industry trends. It’s no secret that buyers are coming to dealerships more informed about their options and potential deals than ever before. Here are three things you should keep in mind in order to be an informed consumer and car buyer in 2014.

1. How to Purchase a New Car

If you’re a Millennial, Time notes that this age gro