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Step Away From the Rim Repair Kit, and Call a Professional

Rim painting

Rim straightening, repair, and painting can appear to be simple DIY projects on the surface. After all, kits are widely available that give you all the tools and instructions that you need to fix those scratches, or put a new glossy black finish on your wheels, right? Well, there are also kits for making cheese and brewing your own beer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who picks up a kit will be able to successfully pull off those products. While a failed cheese-making experiment might end in an unsettled stomach, a failed rim repair or paint job might end up costing you a lot of time and money to have the mistakes rectified. Here are just a few of the hidden hazards in those DIY rim repair and painting kits.

Rim Repair Kits

It’s important to know that the standard rim repair won’t actually