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Don’t Hand Over Your Car Repairs to Just Any Auto Body Shop

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Were you just in a car accident? Was your car severely damaged? If so, you are probably on the look out for collision body shops at the moment.

But remember that the collision center you choose will be important. You don’t want to hand over auto repairs to just anyone. You have to make sure that the collision body shop is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced.

Here are a few tips on how to find the best auto body shop in town.

  1. Word of Mouth. There’s no doubt that word spreads fast when a car body repair shop gyps people of money, or does a less-than-impressive job. On the flip side, you will probably hear rav

What’s Cheaper? Rim Repair Vs Rim Replacement

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Vehicle rims are some of the most durable parts on a car, but when those rims break, they have the potential to cause serious road accidents.

However, your first shop when your rims break down shouldn’t be a parts shop, especially if you have high-end custom rims. Visiting a wheel repair specialist for rim repair instead of buying new wheels can actually save you money.

Alloy wheel repair or is one of the quickest repair jobs for rims, so don’t toss them if you’re having problems with creased barrels, scratches or cracks. Aluminum is especially malleable so it’s easy to reshape rims using heat in only a few hours, and it can c


How to Keep Your Volkswagen or Audi Running Properly

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Did you know that Volkswagen has owned Audi since 1966? Even though Audi is a luxury car manufacturer and Volkswagen produces vehicles that are more practical and fun to drive, both automakers require regular maintenance and repair. Fortunately, by following two important maintenance guidelines, your VW or Audi vehicle will continue to run properly.

- Replace old or faulty parts. If your automobile is not running as smoothly or efficiently as it used to, it is important to install high performance car parts. Struts and shocks, for example, should be replaced once every 70,000-80,000 miles, and the fuel filter should be changed once every 15,000-40,000 miles. However, before replacing any parts in your Audi or Volkswagen vehicle, it is crucial that you stay away from white box or generic parts because thes


Three of the Main Historical Events in Subaru’s Lifetime by Geographical Landmarks

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Subaru has been around a long time, but a lot of their history has taken place in three main locations. Here’s a peek into Subaru’s past as seen through these three spots:

1. Japan

As you would expect, Subaru has its roots back in Japan. It originated as The Aircraft Laboratory in Japan in 1915. They were responsible for manufacturing a lot of Japan’s planes during World War II. This is a far cry from the local Subaru dealers you may see today. Eventually they reinvented themselves as Fuji Heavy Industries and, many years later, moved to…

2. Philadelphia

Subaru is a major car brand in America — you probably see a lot of Subaru inventory on the road each day — but it had to come over at some point. Subaru of America was started in 1968


Thinking of Buying a Car from Second Hand Car Dealers?

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In the United States, owning a car is an essential part of living a full life. Consider, without a car, you’ll have a hard time getting to and from work, unless you live in a big city with great public transportation. Without a car, getting to the grocery store, meeting up with friends, heading to the gym — some of the most mundane things we take for granted — can become nearly impossible.

Of course, especially in this lackluster economy, getting the money together to even consider new car sales can seem impossible. However, by looking at used car dealers, you can get a great car in excell


The Main Draws to the Subaru Name Brand

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The increasingly innovative automotive technologies developed by Subaru give the company an edge over its competition. So many incredible vehicles are being sold by Subaru car dealers all across the United States. Subaru inventory at local Subaru dealers is barely keeping up with demand, and older models to be found at used Subaru dealers are snapped up as soon as they are traded in. The high quality tech leaves the vehicles with a long lifespan when accompanied by a responsible vehicle maintenance plan, although the vehicle maintenance plans need not be too rigorous.



Two Ways to Properly Maintain and Repair Your Vehicle

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Did you know that the Audi logo has four rings because four different companies make up Audi AG? However, even though Audi is one of the “German Big 3″ luxury automakers, these vehicles require maintenance and repairs from time to time. Fortunately, there are two effective ways to preserve and fix your Audi, and both will help your automobile run properly for years to come.

- Seek professional repair. Even though Audi vehicles feature custom parts that require specialized repair, auto maintenance services know exactly how to fix your vehicle. In addition, when you have any car repair questions, you can always ask auto maintenance pros for the answ


Do You Need to Replace Your Car’s Ball Joints?

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Did you know that, according to, the average American family spends close to $2,000 a year to keep their vehicles in running condition? While it’s true that many of those costs are unavoidable, from gasoline to inspections and registrations, the fact is that the single biggest cost any car owner has to deal with is that for maintenance and repairs.

Even if you’re able to buy discount auto parts online, taking your vehicle to a mechanic will generally end up with you having to deal with a considerable bill. However, if you learn to repair and maintain your own vehicle, you can remove one of the biggest considerations from your annual auto-budget. By learning how