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3 Types of Transmissions Explained

Automatic transmission services

One of the most important parts of your car is the transmission. This is what allows the power produced by the engine to be moved along the drive train — thereby making your car move. There are three basic kinds of transmissions you’re likely to come across if you’re looking at a variety of cars:

  1. Standard Transmissions

    Manual transmissions used to be known as “standard” transmissions, but they now make up only a tenth of the transmissions on the market. In a car with a manual transmission, you put the car into gear and change gears as you accelerate, using the gear shift and the clutch. Essentially the purpose of a transmission is to change the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels. That may sound complicated, but what it means is that without a trans


Three Ways To Make the Cost of Moving a Little Less Scary

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As if the process of moving wasn’t stressful enough already, it’s frustrating that moving can be such an expensive process. Even with tons of planning and organizing, it’s easy to misjudge how much moving will actually cost. So, here are three little tips that might just help you out:

  1. First, people often go straight to a moving company or a home repair store to stock up on cardboard moving boxes. Many people don’t realize that it’s super easy to get ahold of cardboard boxes without paying a cent — many big stores (grocery stores specially) get daily shipments in big cardboard boxes, and they obviously don’t want the cardboard boxes laying around. Stores are often more than happy to give away boxes to anyone

Three Surefire Signs You Shouldn’t Shop with That Used Car Dealer

What to look for when buying a new car

Choosing to buy a used car instead of a brand new model can have a number of big advantages. As the popular online news source The Wall Street Cheat Sheet writes, buying a used car can mean spending a lot less money, getting cheaper insurance rates, and, contrary to popular belief, finding a more reliable vehicle. That’s assuming, of course, you know how to navigate the often choppy waters of used car shopping.

By and large, used car dealerships are looking to form a mutually beneficial relationship. They want to sell you a great car, and they want to be able to make some money. Unfortunately, not every d


Three Reasons to Get a Vehicle Maintenance Plan Through a Car Dealership

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Buying a vehicle is an expensive purchase, and when you start to consider all of the future costs due to maintenance and repairs, things can really add up quickly. Many new vehicles will come with a factory-backed vehicle maintenance plan that covers certain necessary maintenance costs, but when a car manufacturer doesn’t offer such a plan, many times the dealership will step in and offer their own plan. Most of the time, local used car dealers will also offer these vehicle maintenance plans on their used vehicles. These plans are prepaid and cover maintenance on the car as outlined in the owner’s manual. Some of the benefits of a pre-paid vehicle maintenance plan are:

  1. Less Stress – One of the nice things about

Four Factors to Consider When Choosing an Auto Body Shop

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When your car is in need of repairs, the last thing you likely want to do is spend a lot of time looking for the right automotive body shop. Sure, you need to get your car fixed as quickly as possible and get it back out on the road, but it’s important to make sure it’s fixed correctly. For this, you need to ensure you’re working with the best auto body shop.

If you don’t already have a body repair shop, check with friends and family for recommendations of local auto body shops. Knowing at least one person that’s had a positive experience there is better than just going in blind. Make sure you also read the collision body shop’s online reviews, to get a better sense of customer feedback.


The Top Three Benefits to Online Auction Software


When you are preparing an auction, one of the big decisions you have to make is whether to get a physical venue or to run the auction online. While there is a certain level of tech savvy needed to run an online auction, there are big benefits as well; here are some of the pros to an online auction.

1. Higher Attendance

When you hold an auction, your aim is, naturally, to make as much of a profit as possible. The forum of the auction invites greater profits when you have as large of a pool of bidders as possible. After all, the more people you invite to an auction, the greater the diversity of the bidders’ interests will be and the more likely you are to have bidders interested and invested in each item up for auction. With a physical auction, however, you are limited in the amount of people you can have; first of al


Two Great Reasons to Rent a Limousine for Your Next Event

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Did you know that more than 130,000 limousine rentals are in service across the United States? In fact, there are also more than 200,000 limo and taxi services in the U.S., which is why the entire taxi and limousine industry is worth $11 billion in yearly revenue. Limos were first created in the early 20th century, and they are still common to rent because they make travel more luxurious and enjoyable.

Limousines Are Ideal for Both Business and Pleasure

No matter what your next event entails, it can be improved by obtaining a stretch limo rental. For example, half of all limo service rentals are for business and corpora


3 Ways to Ensure the Health of Your Car’s Brakes


Even drivers who don’t know much about how cars work know that brakes are a vital component of a safe-to-drive car. If you have no interest in learning how to do brake maintenance yourself, here are three ways you can ensure your car’s brakes are all in working order.

  1. Inform Yourself

    If you want to get the best brake service, educate yourself to at least a minimal degree on how your brakes work and what an auto repair shop technician is actually doing when you bring it in. There are several mechanical pieces that work together to transmit the force you exert on the brake pedal all the way to your car’s wheels. And since most brake systems are hydraulic, meaning that the force is carried through a fluid, there are additional parts that store and distribute brake fluid.


A Simple Breakdown of the Costs Involved When Shipping a Car

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If you need to move your car across a long distance and you’re trying to decide whether to find a vehicle transport service to help you or whether to just drive your car yourself, there’s probably one major question on your mind that will play a large part in your final decision: How much will it cost to ship a car across the country? (Perhaps you happen to be a multi-millionaire though, and you need to transport a dozen expensive antique cars, and money is the last thing on your mind… in which case, you are very lucky to be part of an extremely small group of people who have never wondered this question.)

Let’s face it: transporting a car is going to cost you some mone


Why So Many People Choose To Move Vehicles With a Car Transport Service

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So the purpose of a car shipping company is, well, pretty straightforward. But the reasons why so many people choose to use vehicle transport services to move their cars, rather than just drive the cars themselves, aren’t always so clear. If you’re wondering whether or not a car transport service is something you should actually pay attention to and know about, here are just a few reasons why people often turn to vehicle transport services for help — who knows, you might just find yourself in one of these situations sooner rather than later!

  • Obviously, it’s impossible to drive a car to a country overseas. When you’re moving to a different country or you’re buying a car from a foreign seller, you’ll want to have a professional car transport service help you out. Not only do they take care of th