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3 Types of Transmissions Explained

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One of the most important parts of your car is the transmission. This is what allows the power produced by the engine to be moved along the drive train — thereby making your car move. There are three basic kinds of transmissions you’re likely to come across if you’re looking at a variety of cars:

  1. Standard Transmissions

    Manual transmissions used to be known as “standard” transmissions, but they now make up only a tenth of the transmissions on the market. In a car with a manual transmission, you put the car into gear and change gears as you accelerate, using the gear shift and the clutch. Essentially the purpose of a transmission is to change the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels. That may sound complicated, but what it means is that without a trans


Three Ways To Make the Cost of Moving a Little Less Scary

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As if the process of moving wasn’t stressful enough already, it’s frustrating that moving can be such an expensive process. Even with tons of planning and organizing, it’s easy to misjudge how much moving will actually cost. So, here are three little tips that might just help you out:

  1. First, people often go straight to a moving company or a home repair store to stock up on cardboard moving boxes. Many people don’t realize that it’s super easy to get ahold of cardboard boxes without paying a cent — many big stores (grocery stores specially) get daily shipments in big cardboard boxes, and they obviously don’t want the cardboard boxes laying around. Stores are often more than happy to give away boxes to anyone