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Machine Tools Date Back To Ancient Egypt

Manual mill

Machine tooling generally involves shaping wood, metal, and/or other materials using a variety of different techniques, from grinding and shearing to cutting and boring. A lathe, for example, rotates an object, removing excess material and ultimately whittling objects down into the desired shape. Today, manufactures use lathes to create gun barrels, candlesticks, table and furniture legs, and even musical instruments. Lathes, however, have a much more comprehensive history — with some of the earliest lathes dating as far back as Ancient Egypt.

How Did Ancient Egyptians Use Lathes?

Ancient Egyptians likely had extensive experience with machining techniques — a


3 Ways Online Car Auctions Make Buying Your Dream Car Easier

Car auction software

Trying to find the car of your dreams isn’t always easy or cheap. However, auto auctions can be a great way to get the car you want at a price you can afford. Unfortunately, many auctions are held during the day, while you’re likely to be at work and this can present a problem. Unless you use openlane auto auctions to bid online, that is. Online dealer auto auctions can make finding your dream car easier in these three ways.

Larger Selection of Cars

When you use openlane to bid on cars, you aren’t limited to those available only in your small town. You can choose from cars all over the Northeast. This is especially valuable if the car you’re searching for is a classic or hard