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Three Reasons Not to Panic When Your Hybrid Battery Fails

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Hybrid vehicles have gotten a pretty bad rap over the years because of talk about how often the batteries fail and how unreliable they are. The typical hybrid battery warranty is eight years or 100,000 miles, but they can fail as soon as six years and the cost has seemed to be notoriously high. The thing is, hybrids have been on the road for awhile now. It’s been almost 15 years since the first and most famous hybrid model, the Toyota Prius, came on the scene in the American market. Since then, things have changed. Here are three reasons you really don’t need to panic when it comes to replacing your hybrid battery.

1. Technology is Advancing
One of the main reasons you don’t need to panic when your hybrid battery fails is that the technology is always advancing, which means these d


Keep Your Car Looking and Working Its Best With Professional Auto Detailing

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Nobody likes washing their car. Sure, it looks great when it’s done, but the effort required to get to that point is never quite worth it. Sure, you can take it to the car wash, but it never quite seems to get it clean enough. And as we approach the winter season, when the roads are covered with dirt and salt, vehicles are in even more desperate need of a good cleaning, both for aesthetic purposes, and for the operational well-being of the vehicle.

Having your car detailed is best solution to keep your car looking good and working well. A mobile auto detailing service will clean your car, both inside and out. There are three diff