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A Few Surprising Facts About Local Subaru Car Dealers

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Automotive companies reach almost every citizen in America on a daily basis, due to widespread advertising campaigns, high sales, and pop culture references to cars and trucks. With so many different brands and companies, you may wonder how they are all related. Here are a few interesting facts about two automotive giants that we hear about every day.

  • General Motors (GM) is an American company that sells new automobiles and parts under several different brand names.
    GM is the parent company to Chevy, the latter being a household name for most Americans. Chevrolet is a world leader in automotive sales, and they have produced over 200 million cars and trucks since 1912. In fact, if every Chevy automobile sold in 2010 was lined up, bumper to bumper, they would re

Adventures in Plumbing How Even Sarah Got it Done

Wire hose clamps

When Sarah’s plumbing went kaput, when wasn’t sure what to do. Water gushed everywhere and the smell was more than she could stand. At 2 PM on a Sunday, Sarah was sure that plumbing help might be at least one business day away. She ventured to her nearest hardware store, where supplies and guidance were easy to find.
“Who knew there were so many moving parts to plumbing? I stood by a wall of infinite supplies: spring hose clamps, adjustable hose clamps, wire house clamps, spring clamps and the list goes on and on!” said Sarah.
She mustered up the courage to chat with a sales associate and soon confirmed what she has suspected, hose clamps come in a wide variety – different materials and sizes and shapes. She learned that