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Subaru Shows Solid Growth in US Market

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Have you noticed that a lot of Chevy car dealerships also carry Subarus?
Subaru car dealers are on the rise, and that’s largely to both accommodate (and cash in on) the increase in Subaru sales in this country.
Subaru is the automotive division of a larger corporation called Fuji Heavy Industries, and they’ve seen a huge growth spurt in the last five-or-so years. Between the 2009 and 2013 fiscal year, an estimated 30% growth was seen, with sales jumping from about 555,000 to nearly 725,000. Keeping the recession in mind, the figures are even more impressive.
Given that the United States is the world’s second biggest automotive market, most large scale manufacturers set their sites on creating a presence here, although it’s easier said than done with mainstays like Ford, Toyota, and