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Chevy Vs Subaru What to Buy on a Budget

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Entering the big world of car ownership can be treacherous on a budget. The costs are seemingly endless: the actual car, the insurance, the gas, the maintenance. For these reasons, and many more, its important to cling tight to your car buying budget. Chevy and Subaru are two common car makers that cater to a smaller budget. Local chevy dealers and local subaru dealers alike usually have great sales and greater customer service. So how should you choose between these two?

First, the case for Chevy. Local Chevy car dealerships can be found anywhere, considering that chevy’s occupy 66% of roads worldwide. This means if you ever need dealer maintenance, a Chevy dealer may be more likely to be around than a Subaru dealer. It’s also important to mention that purchasing with a new chevy dealer is hi