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Three Reasons To Choose a Car Shipping Company

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If you need to transport a car, maybe because you’re making a big move or maybe because you bought/sold a car and it needs to travel a long distance, choosing to ship a car with a professional auto transporting service is often a much better decision, compared to driving the car yourself. Don’t believe it?

  1. Price is always a big concern, especially if you’re moving into a new home and you have to pay for your entire house to be moved, and especially if you have multiple cars that you want to take with you. Instead of driving the cars or hiring someone to drive them for you, using a car shipping company will almost always be more cost-effective. Paying for gas alone can be extremely expensive, and can cost more than the price ch

Mercedes Benz Online Car Parts Beat Retail Store

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Caring for your car is both important and rewarding. There’s nothing quite like a fully functional and purring Mercedes Benz. Still, repairing your vehicle can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly.

Obtaining your Mercedes Benz parts is going to require a bit of research. There are a variety of ways to find what you need, and your first instinct might send you to a retail store, but that choice will cost you considerably. The internet is going to be the best way to find what you need in an easy, cost-effective and surprisingly reliable way.

Here are three things to consider when buying Mercedes Benz parts online:

1. Reliability.

Mercedes Benz replacement parts, even for a vintage or second-hand car, can definitely be found online. In fact, they can be


Chevy Vs Subaru What to Buy on a Budget

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Entering the big world of car ownership can be treacherous on a budget. The costs are seemingly endless: the actual car, the insurance, the gas, the maintenance. For these reasons, and many more, its important to cling tight to your car buying budget. Chevy and Subaru are two common car makers that cater to a smaller budget. Local chevy dealers and local subaru dealers alike usually have great sales and greater customer service. So how should you choose between these two?

First, the case for Chevy. Local Chevy car dealerships can be found anywhere, considering that chevy’s occupy 66% of roads worldwide. This means if you ever need dealer maintenance, a Chevy dealer may be more likely to be around than a Subaru dealer. It’s also important to mention that purchasing with a new chevy dealer is hi


Subaru Shows Solid Growth in US Market

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Have you noticed that a lot of Chevy car dealerships also carry Subarus?
Subaru car dealers are on the rise, and that’s largely to both accommodate (and cash in on) the increase in Subaru sales in this country.
Subaru is the automotive division of a larger corporation called Fuji Heavy Industries, and they’ve seen a huge growth spurt in the last five-or-so years. Between the 2009 and 2013 fiscal year, an estimated 30% growth was seen, with sales jumping from about 555,000 to nearly 725,000. Keeping the recession in mind, the figures are even more impressive.
Given that the United States is the world’s second biggest automotive market, most large scale manufacturers set their sites on creating a presence here, although it’s easier said than done with mainstays like Ford, Toyota, and


Plumbing 101 Learning the Basics of Hose Clamps

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Have you ever been in a situation where something breaks in your home but you have absolutely no idea how to fix it? If not, you’re one in a million. If so, then you know how frustrating of a feeling it is. This feeling of utter bewilderment and helplessness can come into play in one particular area of home care: plumbing.

Yes, most people have been there. Something with your plumbing system somehow goes on the fritz and you’re left scrambling in a panic to find a plumber.

Not only can it take hours or even days to get a plumber to come in and fix your system, hiring a plumber can be pretty costly.

This article is here to introduce you to a quick do it yourself fix for plumbing system issues: mastering the art of using a hose clamp. Once you learn how to work with hose clamps, you can easily


Helping You and Your Customers Hiring a Valet Car Service

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Navigating through crowded parking lots can be a real pain. People often search forever to find one spot, and then it can be a long walk from that spot to the destination. Not to mention, more often than not people end up aimlessly wandering the lot in search of their vehicle.

To eliminate all of that hassle for your customers, looking to hire valet parking service can be extremely beneficial for both your business and your customers. Here are some things that you should know about valet parking services.

Why A Valet Car Service Is a Valuable Asset:

  • The most obvious advantage to valet parking is the increased amount of parking spots that become availab