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When’s The Last Time You Checked Your Oil Or Rotated Your Tire?

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When’s the last time you sought out auto repair service? While it can be easy to settle into the easy routine of checking your tires for snags once in a while and cleaning your windows in grimy weather, it’s important to go a step further and keep your car in tip-top shape no matter the season — car accidents are still far too high in the U.S. and too many people spend their money unwisely and unevenly when trying to maintain their vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about car statistics in the U.S. as well as what you can do to save money and keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Useful Car Statistics

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Containing Winter with Containment Plows

Snow pushers for loaders

There is a lot to love about winter. Catching snowflakes with your tongue, thrilling sports like snowboarding and skiing, snowball fights, and building snowmen. And the thing that is necessary for all of these activities? Snow! And most often, at least in the top half of the U.S., and sometimes dipping further south, there is plenty of it. The National Snow Analysis, released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, stated that 63.4% of the contiguous United States had snow on the ground as of early March in 2015. And certain cities, including Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado, as well as Anchorage, Alaska have each, during record high seasons, been dumped upon by at least eight feet of snow.

Paving the way to success… or plowing it