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Tips to Keeping Your Car Healthy and Happy

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Americans love driving. We all love the freedom our cars and trucks give us. With summer coming, it is important that we keep them in the best shape possible. Here are some easy tips to keeping our vehicles in the best shape.

  1. Check your oil. We all know that our cars need decent oil to run properly. If your “check oil” light pops on, you should heed its advice and get your oil checked! You need to have an oil change done at about every 3,000 miles that you have driven in your vehicle. This typically amounts to once every three month

Three Ways to Deal with Car Dealers

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Over the past century, cars have become a staple of the modern American experience. Each year car models are getting sleeker, safer, and more efficient. Oil technology has also greatly improved over the past few decades, meaning fewer oil changes are necessary during the lifespan of a vehicle. This constant improvement in automobile technology, and the need to get from point A to point B, keeps consumers flocking to car dealerships every day.

But just because many of us are still buying cars doesn’t mean buying a car is necessarily easy or fun. The idea of buying a car stresses many people out, even if they’ve purchased a car in the past. Car salesmen and saleswomen are often outgoing, persua


Avoid These Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

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Much like we treat our bodies, we too often take for granted everything our cars do for us, assuming that owning a car is as simple as driving one. However, a car is a complex machine with many parts that must all work properly in order to safely transport you from place to place. Like people, cars age, and parts wear down beneath the surface, requiring regular maintenance to ensure a long and healthy life.

6 Most Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

  1. Neglecting windshield wipers: Depending on where you live, your windshield wipers may experience more or less abuse throughout the seasons. Either way, windshield wipers do wear down over time. If you notice that your wipers are leaving a streak behind as they drag across the glass, it is time to replace them. It’s better to

3 Reasons Car Carpets and Trunk Mats are a Good Investment

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Cars are an important part of society. They give us the ability to travel across great distances in a relatively short amount of time. For the most part, people really like their cars. According to one survey, 40% of people don’t just like their cars, they love them.

Keeping your car clean should be a top priority for every owner, but unfortunately cars are consistently more dirty than homes. According to one study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services, cars have 17,000 times more bacteria than homes, on average.

One of the best ways to combat this problem is investing in auto flooring materials like car carpets and trunk mats.