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Fixes Around the Home How to Cut Back on Your Home’s Water Loss

Extra large hose clamps

Modern plumbing lines allow us to have an unprecedented amount of control over our lives as we can live comfortably indoors without the need to venture out to a well or outhouse. Despite the life-changing effects of indoor plumbing, many of us neglect to regularly inspect and maintain our plumbing lines. It is suggested that a majority of American households have some degree of water loss due to cracked, worn, and outdated plumbing lines. Here are some tips to keep your home plumbing lines secure and leak-free.

Leaking Water

A modest faucet or showerhead that drips at a rate of one drop per second has the potential to waste thousands of gallons of water over the course of a single year, significantly inflating monthly water bills. Experts state that over half of all residen