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Why You Need to Restore Your Headlights

Headlight renewal kit

Many extremely capable drivers suddenly become afraid and almost incapacitated when they are confronted with the dilemma of driving at night — and in many ways, they are right to be so. Driving at night is much more dangerous than driving in the day. Among teen nighttime crashes, 58 percent happen between 9 p.m. and midnight, and states with nighttime restrictions in place have reported up to a 60 percent reduction in crashes during the restricted hours. Indeed, at night you run the risk of coming head to head with animals, encountering drunk drivers or reckless drivers, or becoming blinded in the event of inclement weather conditions. Many people choose to refrain from driving at night, but sometimes it is simply unavoidable.

That’s why it is extremely important that you practice safe driving tec


Tough Questions That Chevy and Other Car Dealerships Don’t Ever Want You to Ask

Used truck sale

Whether you’re buying that cherry red Chevy pick up truck you always wanted, an eco friendly electric Chevy car for sale, a reliable Toyota, a sleek and smooth Lexus, or a foreign luxury car, it’s extremely important to be an informed and well research buyer. Buying a new vehicle can really be a fun and exciting time, but all that fun, lighthearted energy can easily go right out the window once you realize your off the lot price is way, way higher than the too good to be true sticker price that was on the lot. This is exactly why patience truly is a virtue when it comes to preparing to buy a new car. Rushing into a decision can cost you thousands more than you wanted, even on an affordable, eco friendly Chevy!

Everyone has heard the saying about proper preparation preventing poor performance, and this se


If Your Car/Boat Storage Facility Doesn’t Offer This, Then Run

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While certain high rollers may be able to install custom car elevators inside their mansions, most of us mortals still require somewhere to store our boats, extra autos, and RVs in the long run. Unfortunately, there aren’t many car storage tips out there for the savvy owner. However, there are a number of super shady self storage units ready to take advantage of classic car collectors, boat owners, and RV lovers.
How To Find the Best Car Storage Units Without Getting Ripped Off…
First, some background. While many self storage units exist in most u.S. cities, few of these warehouses and lots are capable of accommodating vehicles, at least not safely. If you’re having trouble locating storage lots,


Proper Tire Maintenance Is Key to Extending the Life of Your Investment

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The Dad: ?You are going to need to get out your spare tire.?
The Daughter: ?How can I do that? My car is full of everything from my dorm room that I am bringing home.?
The Dad: ?Well, you are going to have to take everything out so that you can get to your spare tire.?
The Daughter: ?That?s insane. It is raining outside!?
The Dad: ?Well, you are going to have to get the things in and out of the car as quickly as possible then.?
The car trips home from college can be long. You have said good-bye to your roommates and new friends. You fear that you are going to have to say good-bye to the freedom that you enjoyed more than any of the classes that you completed. Add a problem like a flat tire t