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Does Your Family Like to Take Road Trips at the Drop of a Hat?

Electronic brake controllers

It is difficult to say, but the summer really is almost over. In an effort to make the most of the remaining weekends that are not packed full of the kids’ athletic events, the teenagers’ part time jobs, and other work and volunteer commitments, however, you made a bold purchase.
A full size recreational vehicle.
Instead of chasing down the best hotel room prices only to be forced to pay expensive meals out at restaurants, your family has decided to travel by RV for the last few weekends this summer and to many other weekend tournaments in the future. Yo have now joined the 11% of U.S. households with parents in the 35-to-54 year old age group who own an RV. Once thought of as a popular option for the over 55 age group, it seems like the biggest fans of this mobile traveling lifestyle is n