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How to Maximize Your Ford Mustang For Speed

Fixing up a mustang

When it comes to your Mustang, there is only one thing people want more of, and that’s speed. Mustangs have the good looks and the reputation to carry them in the race and definitely on the road with civilians, but not all models are as fast as they could possibly be. If you are the proud owner of a Ford Mustang, chances are that you are interested in competing in this arena, and lucky for you, there are several quick fixes that can be applied to your Mustang to make it faster and better. Check out these tips for a more powerful engine below:

Cold Air Kits
The best part about cold air intakes is that they take very little time to install — usually less than 30 minutes. And they can do wonders for your Mustang and your aspirations to join the iconic sport of Continue Reading | No Comments