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Think You May Need a Tune Up? 7 Signs That You Do

Used cars

The American love affair with cars has gone back since the beginning of the automobile industry. This is one of the nation’s largest industries. More than 1.5 million people work for this industry. In 2014, 7.7 million cars were sold. Nearly 17.5 million have been sold so far in 2016. Car dealers like to remind people that routine car care can make a big difference. The news is the same for new and used cars but it is important to get your car tuned up when it needs it.

7 Tips to Tell if Your Car Needs a Tune Up:

  1. Your warning lights go on. These lights are in your car for a reason. You should pay attention to them. Car dealers remind their customers that the lights are there to warn you of a current or potential problem with something in your car. One of the a