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Variable Message Sign Read Pro-Trump Message Prior to Monday’s Debate

Solar powered variable message signs

Seeing political signs along major roads and highways is not uncommon this time of year. With a historical election less than two months away on Nov. 8, supporters and candidates are becoming increasingly active to sway undecided voters to their side.

However, someone took a more unorthodox approach to advertising. On Sept. 26, the morning of the first presidential debate, a variable message sign on Route 25 in Calverton, NY was hacked to read “Vote Trump 2016.” Calverton is located just 55 miles away from Hofstra University, where the debate was held at 9 p.m..

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Getting Your Car Serviced

Brake repair durham nc

For about a year I was going to the same mechanics for my oil changes, tire alignments and other car care services. It was a local ‘mom and pop’ shop run by the sweetest couple and their German Shepherd dog. I had a couple of brake services done, nothing major, just brake pad replacements and random brake checks. I went through a period of time where I just didn’t get my car serviced because I didn’t want to go anywhere else but my mom and pop shop was really far from my new house. I kept meaning to go but never did. My brakes were making funny noises so I had them checked at a place nearby and they said they’d probably need replacing soon. Then a few days later, I was driving down the road when my back brakes went out. Literall


Gros Point Car CarpetHigh End Flooring for Cars

Restoration carpet

Gros point car carpet was first developed in the 1950′s and 60′s. It was created for early muscle cars as well as for passenger cars. It is a high end carpet constructed of 100% nylon, at 54 inches wide, and looks as though it was actually hand embroidered. Quality control is of the utmost importance when constructing gros point car carpet. It is hand cut as well as hand sewn and is not a molded carpet.

When shopping for carpeting for a car of a particular make and year, customers can opt to purchase carpeting that is specific to that vehicle. Protecting gros point car carpet, as well as any carpeting for cars, is important in order to keep it clean and looking new. Floor mats to lay over car carpet are the perfect way to go because they can be easily removed, c


You Can Take Care of Some Plumbing Problems Yourself

Military clamps

There are many times when you have plumbing problems that can be best fixed by calling in a plumbing expert. There are other times when you can work on the plumbing problems that you find on your own. Before you call in the cavalry, try your hand at fixing some of your plumbing problems on your own. You can get all of the supplies you need from wrenches to hose clamps at your local hardware store. They can also answer a lot of your questions about your plumbing projects.

  • Your basement pipes are sweating. This is common in many homes. Water vapor comes into contact with a cool pipe and will condense back to the liquid water phase. This is a real problem because this creates near perfect conditions for mold growth. The mold spores can go on and be spread to other parts of your h

Find the Most Reliable Trailer Switch Sway Control System

What is trailer sway control

So when you purchased your new trailer, you probably didn’t know anything about trailer switch sway control systems. Now you have purchased it, it becomes something imperative to have and invest in because you don’t want your trailer to swerve around the road while you’re driving. If this happens, everyone will be affected nearby with a swaying truck all over the road, causing damage and destruction. Avoid this by finding the most reliable trailer switch sway control brakes for your trailer.

Understanding what Electric Trailer Brake Controllers Are

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The Internet and Home DIY Projects

Band clamping

The internet has provided a lot of advantages in many areas of our lives. The internet has provided us with multiple sources of information, on almost anything that we can imagine. Take home remodeling projects for example. In the past, if your home required some type of repair or remodel, your only option was to contact a contracting professional. You knew nothing about remodel projects, and you did not have very many sources to learn from. Today, however, you can jump on the internet and search for almost any project. The internet has increased the amount of do it yourself projects.

Most home improvement projects are minor and do not require the services of a professional contractor. Although things like roofing, electrical and demolition should always be left to the construction professionals, things li


5 Necessary Things When Buying a Car

Pre owned cars

When you’re walking around car dealerships, it’s easy to get sucked into the shiny, new and expensive things because they come with dealer services or seem to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Auto dealers know how to make you feel like you have to buy that car right now. Even if you are just looking at used cars for sale it can be tempting to get the most expensive car because you’re making monthly payments anyway. However, buying the most expensive car doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the latest gadgets and technology. Here are some things to look for when you are at the car dealership.



The Care and Feeding of the Average Car

Sioux falls sd used car dealerships

Cars are big business. Once a car leaves the dealership, there begins a cycle of never ending maintenance and repairs. Car service includes everything from soup to nuts, so to speak. From the first time the new owner drives the vehicle off the lot, there will always be something to maintain. The sale and purchase of used cars is as booming a business as is the sale and purchase of new cars. As a matter of fact, statistics show that three out of four cars sold are pre-used vehicles.

Keeping your vehicle tuned up is a money-saving and, believe it or not, a time-saving process. By giving your car regular checkups you may catch problems that haven’t yet surfaced and be able to fix them before they become an expensive interruption to the daily use of the vehicle. The time and money y


Have Bad Credit? You Can Still Get a Car Loan

Auto internet leads

Americans love their cars, there is no doubt about that. If you have bad credit, you may think that car ownership is something that is beyond you but it is not. There are auto finance leads out there for you.

1. Investigate your current credit score and financial situation.

The first thing you need to do is get a copy of your credit report. In the first place, there may be errors in it that will both impact your auto finance leads but also getting any loans for anything. You can have errors from your credit report removed but this does take some time. The sooner you get that ball rolling the better.

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