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Gros Point Car CarpetHigh End Flooring for Cars

Restoration carpet

Gros point car carpet was first developed in the 1950′s and 60′s. It was created for early muscle cars as well as for passenger cars. It is a high end carpet constructed of 100% nylon, at 54 inches wide, and looks as though it was actually hand embroidered. Quality control is of the utmost importance when constructing gros point car carpet. It is hand cut as well as hand sewn and is not a molded carpet.

When shopping for carpeting for a car of a particular make and year, customers can opt to purchase carpeting that is specific to that vehicle. Protecting gros point car carpet, as well as any carpeting for cars, is important in order to keep it clean and looking new. Floor mats to lay over car carpet are the perfect way to go because they can be easily removed, c