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Is Your Teen Driving Alone for the First Time? Put a GPS Tracking Device Above the Rear Wheel

One-owner vehicles

Are you in the market for a new car? Auto industry experts say that an increasing number of American drivers are opting to buy used vehicles that are in good repair. Last year, more than 3.5 million used cars were sold, and the market for used vehicles continues to soar. Parents of teen drivers are much more likely to purchase a used car – new drivers post the highest rates of accidents and are statistically more likely to drive while distracted. Accidents from texting cost insurance companies billions every year. The average car will have two or three owners, and used cars can give you more value for your investment dollars.

If you are planning to buy a used car, talk to your bank first: often, you can obtain a car loan, thou


Factors to Consider for Corvette Buyers

Sell your corvette

Buying a car isn’t a joke, especially a used one, most of us know that. The number of factors you’ll have to consider is enough to scare away the thought of owning one, corvette buyers will tell you. A premiere performance vehicle like the corvette attracts long-term fans with its reputable performance. Although, corvette buyers should exercise some level of due diligence when shopping for one. And with several boneyards in the country specializing in corvette brand, you are sure to find yours soon. So, before you hand over that check, make sure the Corvette your are looking for cover some of the following bases.

1.Damages on the car
More often when Corvettes are involved in accidents, it’s the front part of the car that gets hit. And the only way to find out this is by looking at the VIN number at