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Engine MaintenanceCaring for the Heart of Your Car

Engine maintenance

With more cars on the road today than ever before, this is a great time to talk to the public about engine maintenance. The average age of all the cars on the road nowadays is 11.4 years. This is said to be a record, and it is more than likely due to the fact that people are paying attention to the needs of their cars. Statistics show that by 2018, at the rate things are going now, there will probably be 260 million cars traveling on U.S. roads.

There are suggested points of time when certain maintenance needs to be done in order to keep a car in good running condition. For instance, a car’s cooling system should be flushed and the coolant changed about once a year. Windshield wipers should be replaced after between six months and a year of use. In order to keep a car healthy and running,


Why Should I Buy A Used Car Instead Of A New Car?

Used cars federal way

There’s nothing quite like having your own car. After all, you get the luxury of independence while saving significantly on time. Essential for parents, students and people with busy schedules! But why spend an excess of money on a new model when you can get a used car for half the price and virtually the same quality? This is where used car dealerships come into play. The best car buying experience is one that takes into account all factors of the buying process, from long-term financing to buying from reputable dealers. Below are some useful tips to help you get started so you can get the car of your dreams as soon as possible!

Should I Buy Used Or New?

One of the most common questions asked by first-time buyers. Even second-time buyers! While new cars are rather shiny and


What Might Happen if You Drive Drunk

Az interlock

Drunk driving might very well be one of the largest acts of selfishness on the planet. While you don’t mind to hurt anyone else, you probably aren’t thinking of anyone else, including yourself. You aren’t thinking of how you could possibly be hurt and how your family might pay the consequences, of how you could potentially hurt others and their families, of how you’ll mess up your car, driving record and so much more. However, if you were drunk driving and have been caught, then not all hope is lost. If you can learn from this mistake then the good thing is, you’ll never do it again. Your life is not over if you’ve gotten a DUI. There are car breathalyzers called ignition interlock devices that


5 great Benefits to Owning a Muscle Car

Cobra car kit

Buying a classic car or a muscle car that was once used for performance driving can have pros and cons. AC cobra replica car kits and others, while very attractive to some, may seem like a misuse of funds; an unnecessary expense. However, they don’t understand what is about to be outlined in this article. There are a great many reasons to own a classic car. What is written below is only touching the surface of why you could greatly benefit from having this type of item in your inventory.

Classic cars don’t depreciate like modern cars do. This is one of the best benefits about them. As long as you maintain your AC cobra replica or whatever other car that you have, you could actually turn around and