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A New AC Cobra Is About to Be Available

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Anyone who really loves cars, knows about the AC Cobra. For the past few decades, pretty much the only way to get one was to build it yourself. AC Cobra kits have been available for years. It looks like car enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on a remake soon.

Recombuandnbsp;is reporting on some information about the new version of the AC Cobra 378 but also some of the misnomers about the original.

  • The new car will have two power sources. The name of the car, AC Cobra 378, refers to the capacity, in cubic inches, of the engine. The new version has a General Motors (GM) engine, the original had a Ford, which is less powerful so it has a supplemental power source to boost it to 550bhp.

When Was the Last TIme That You Went on a Family Vacation?

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You have had many trips. You have stayed many places. You have enjoyed many of them. You would rather forget a few of them. You are now, however, at a time in your life when you have the time to travel without being on a schedule, time to visit all of the little stops that catch your attention, time to stay an extra day or two if you want.
Although your previous years were spent traveling on tight schedules and complicated itineraries, staying at expensive hotels and eating at all of the restaurants that the travel books recommended, you now have a different plan. With a motorhome stocked with all of the necessary camper accessories, you are now traveling on a more relaxed schedule and with far fewer rules.
Where Would You Travel to If You Had All of the Time in the Worl


Tent, Campground Or RV The Most Popular Form Of Camping In America

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What’s your next great summer vacation going to be? It can take a family weeks, even months, to plan a fun vacation and even a minor lapse in research can spell disastrous results for everyone involved. If you’re not sure whether or not to invest in a folding camper trailer or visit an RV superstore, never fear. Americans are nothing if not dedicated when it comes to spending valuable time in the great outdoors and your resources have never been more varied.

What Are Fun Camping Activities?

Worried everyone could get bored over the weekend? There are more than enough fun activities to go around. Depending on where you decide to put your


Three Things You Need To Keep In Mind About Vehicle Maintenance

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We all know, technically, that keeping our vehicles well-maintained is important. It’s an intellectual thing — the better your vehicle runs, the safer it is in the long term. At the same time, vehicle maintenance is a chore in more ways than one. It’s boring and inconveniencing — it can take up an entire day or even several days to have a proper vehicle repair accomplished. On the other hand, vehicle maintenance services are also quite expensive. We drag our feet and wait as long as possible to have them done — when we really shouldn’t. The longer we wait to have vehicle maintenance and auto repairs finished, the more likely we are to be in care accidents that can injure not only us, but people drivin


Find the Right Driving Course for Your Teen with These 6 Tips

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If you have a teenage child, you may be considering what to do to teach them how to drive. You may be thinking about teaching them yourself. Nearly 56% of all teenagers look to their parents to learn how to drive. This is a dangerous time for teens. It has been estimated that during their first year driving, a teen is 10 times as likely to be involved in a car accident. As many as 20% of all kids in the 11th grade report having been in a car accident within the last 12 months. If you are looking for a driving course, here are some tips for finding the right drivers education course.

  1. Check on the driving school’s accreditation. When you are researching schools online, make sure you check to see that the schools you are considering are part of the various professional associations with whic