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Unique Marketing Ideas for the Small Business

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The key to successful marketing and branding is in grabbing the attention of the customer and leaving them with something to remember. Although traditional marketing methods, including TV commercial, print media, and radio broadcasting can be extremely effective, it can also be expensive and out of the price range of many small to medium sized businesses. Other, more cost effective marketing trends can be just as effective in growing business awareness. You just have to be willing to think outside the box and consider alternative marketing options.

Road side marketing
Hundreds of thousands of people drive on the countries roads every day. Many drive the same roads multiple times in one day. When something changes about their everyday route, they notice. In fact, the Outdoo


When to Get Your Oil Changed, and Other Vehicle Mysteries

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Having a properly working vehicle is important. While many people live in cities where public transportation is a good backup option, for the majority of people across the country who own a vehicle, it is a pretty big snag when something goes wrong with it. Whether you are relying on your car to get you to work each day or if you are in the middle of an epic cross country road trip, it is crucial to keep an eye on the overall health of your vehicle. Proper maintenance is key in avoiding major issues.

How to know when to get your oil changed, and other mysteries

If you have questions about when to get your oil changed
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The Efficiency Of Diesel Engines And Why More Americans Are Making The Switch

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How familiar are you with the inner workings of your car? If you just use it to go back and forth between your job you may have your knowledge limited to gas prices and the best deals on used tires. For those that want to brush up on their car know-how it all boils down to the proverbial heart of your vehicle — the engine. A powerful engine can mean the difference between a car with an average or long lifespan, doing everything to power all the necessary functions and keep your driving experience a smooth one. Likewise, a weak or poorly maintained engine can be a virtual money leech and affect your ability to drive safely on the open road. Ready to brush up on your engine and fuel knowledge? It all starts below.

History Of The Modern Engine

The engines we know and love toda