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Windshield Repair vs Replacement Which is Right for Me?

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A windshield is a very important part of your car. Many drivers only think of a windshield as a giant front window for a vehicle. However, the windshield is extremely important for the structural integrity of a car. A windshield that isn’t in optimal condition makes surrounding structures weaker. When windshield problems strike, there are generally two options: repairing or replacing. In this post, you will understand when to replace a windshield and when it only needs repairs.

When to Repair a Windshield

There are a few determining factors to help decide if your windshield only needs a repair. A windshield repair is suitable for conditions where cracks have not become too out of


Financing and Buying Used Cars

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In 2015, approximately 54% of used cars were around three years old or newer, according to reports from In 2014, the total of cars on the road in the United States reached a whopping number of nearly 253 million.

Lifespan of Used Cars
Nearly 40 million used cars are sold by dealerships and private sellers each year. A car will typically have an average of three owners during its lifetime. According to an IHS Automotive study, cars in the United States are just over 11 years old on average.

What About Leasing?
About 43% of people finance their car. Borrowers who financed their used car in the third quarter of 2016 had a credit score arou


What to know about used cars

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We don’t all have the money or time to purchase a new car. The economy is tight all around and most of us have had to tighten our belts and make important decisions regarding our finances. But what are some of the more important financial decisions that any of us have to make? Of all the big money decisions we make, the two biggest ones are, pretty obviously, buying a home and buying a car. Buying a home is one whole complicated endeavor but buying a car has its own underrated complications that aren’t always talked about. It involves a lot of different steps that can be so incredibly daunting when you think about all of them at once. There’s considering how much money you have, what sort of area you live in, all of the reasons that you actually need the car itself. None of these considerations even involve visiti


Things you ought to know about car repair

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A car is one of the most expensive and difficult items that you’ll probably need to repair in your lifetime but, then again, it’s also one of the most rewarding. For most of the general population, however, cars are complicated and strange. We tend to treat them like magic transportation machines and only think about how they work when they inevitably fall into disrepair. This is no good, obviously, and makes it difficult to consider where to take your car when it needs a simple tune up. Fortunately, there are a few easy answers to this question that don’t involve either magic or complicated explanations. Just simple logic. A transmission repair shop, for instance, does several things to help your car when it’s in need, from tra


Learn More About Your Car Fuel Injection System for Quicker Diagnosis and Better Efficiency

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One of the things about being a car enthusiast that most people enjoy is the level of involvement someone might have with the technicalities and the complexities of their vehicle. Indeed, cars are intricate and complex devices that have a number of internal systems, all of which have functioned properly and with each other to ensure that the car provides you with the kind of performance that you need. Any small problem in any one area can affect your entire driving experience, and to know exactly what is wrong and what to fix is one of the most important things that you can do as a car owner. Knowing your car inside out is one of the best ways to ensure that you can diagnose problems and do something decisive about them in good time, so as to make sure that your prized vehicle keeps giving you the performance


What You Need To Know About Diesel Fuel Injectors

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For the everyday citizen, cars are just cars. They are powerful instruments that we use to get around. They help us get to work, meet up with friends, or take large trips to prime destinations. But, we never really think about what goes into those cars. Well, you will today. This post is to talk to you all about the basic info of diesel fuel engines. This isn’t a post about whether the new lb7 injector or the 03 cummins injector is more powerful, or which brand makes the best diesel fuel injectors. Its just about the basics.

But first, what are diesel fuel injectors? They are pieces of the engine that serve possi