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4 Main Types of Fuel Injection Pumps

2003 ford 6.0 injectors

The fuel injection system is the most important component of the diesel engine. It accurately pumps fuel maintaining a steady supply to keep the engine running efficiently. Fuel injection systems in diesel engines are propelled in an oblique manner by powerful chains within the crankshaft, which is responsible for converting reciprocating motion to rotational motion. Concurrently, the pump regulates the amount of fuel needed for propulsion.

In most gasoline engines, the injection pump plays the function of both the throttle and the ignition system. They rely on expansion and contraction movements to move fluids through the engine, hence referred as positive displacement pumps.


3 Reasons to Rent Storage Units for Your Valuable Belongings

Collector car storage

Do you have more than vehicle at your household? Are you looking for the best place to store your vehicles from RV storage, to car storage, to boat storage? Right now, you may have more than one vehicle taking up space at your house. The garage is probably full, and now there are vehicles lining the driveway. You?re losing valuable space at your home by keeping all your extra vehicles out at all times. There?s no reason to waste so much space when you could rent storage units for all your extra vehicles.


Your Guide to Duramax Injector Problems

What are injectors on diesels

Over the past 50 years, the United States has experienced changes that could not have been foreseen by previous generations. Some of these changes include technology and how it has changed communication, business transactions, and even transportation. As the world awaits the developments of electronic cars and self-driving automobiles, we still rely on some of the older technology that our ancestors put into effect.

One of those older forms of power involves diesel and batteries. Aftermarket diesel injectors, Duramax duel injectors, 2004 Duramax injectors, and other types of diesel and Duramax powered items are incredibly popular for most consumers. While these items are steadily relied upon by


Top 3 Reasons for Windshield Crack Repair

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As you drove down the highway, you didn’t even see the rock as it flew from the back of the truck. But you sure heard the ding it made. Immediately the pit formed in the windshield. Then, before your very eyes, one long tendril began to sneak out and move across the length of the windshield, obstructing your view and putting your car at risk. But what do you do about car windshield cracks? Replace the entire windshield? Or maybe you can just repair it. Here are the top 3 reasons to repair your windshield.

1. Safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers the windshield to be a primary part of the vehicle’s safety system. And one crack means that windshield