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Has Your Car’s Paint Been Damaged? Purchase a Touch-Up Kit

Cadillac touch up paint

While today’s new vehicles continue to be available in a variety of color schemes, it’s interesting to note that white has become the number-one choice. Color marketing specialist, Nancy Lockhart, stated that this has been the case throughout the United States since 2006. Neutral colors, in general, tend to be a popular choice. In addition to white, the auto industry considers black, gray, and silver to be neutral colors as well.

In order to protect a vehicle’s paint, clear coats are applied. These coats tend to be 1.5 to two millimeters thick. While they may not protect a car’s paint integrity 100%, they do help under normal circumstances.
A large percentage of damage occurs when cars have been keyed or scratched. A Direct Line survey recently reported that 52% of the total amount of damage repor