3 Auto Part Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

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Discount auto parts

It would be great if the car you buy lasts you a lifetime, and you never have to worry about replacing any parts, or purchasing another one ever again. But this is not the reality. In fact, after about 5 years, normal wear and tear take their toll on cars, and one by one, you will have to start repairing or replacing parts.

Car parts can cost thousands if you need to replace the transmission, while new brake rotors cost less, but can still set you back a few hundred dollars depending on how many need to be replaced. Luxury cars, like the Jaguar XK and the Land Rover Range Rover, cost at least $1,600 on average to repair. But for car owners, there are ways to cut corners and find advanced discount auto parts.

  • Online Shopping. There are several online stores that sell advanced discount auto parts. These online stores have a seemingly endless stock of car parts, such as auto brake parts, cheap exhaust systems, reconditioned car radiators, brake rotors, head gaskets, oxygen sensors, and just about every part you can imagine. The prices on these items vary depending on the type of car, as well as its make and model, but overall, you will be able to knock off about 10% to 50% off the price of a new part.
  • The Junkyard. While it might take you longer to find the parts you are looking for, junkyards can be great places to pick up discount parts. The kind of junkyard you choose to venture out to depends on how much you want to get your hands dirty. You can take your own tools to do-it-yourself junkyards, and take the parts out of cars on your own. Other junkyards are full-service and you can call ahead to have the part brought to the front desk for you to pick up. It would also be best to find a junkyard that specializes in the parts you are looking for.
  • Auto Swap Meets. Your town should have designated places where car owners come together and exchange parts that they no longer need. Many people bring older parts they have had lying around, or usable parts that they have take out of aged cars. Transmissions, steering wheels, vintage accessory headlights, and grill shells are among several items that car connoisseurs bring to swap meets. You can buy advanced discount auto parts for your car for prices that are at least half as much as they would be brand new.

Before shopping online or at any of these locations, it is best to know exactly how much you want to spend, and what parts you need. There will likely be hundreds, or thousands, of options for each part, so knowing what parts fit your car’s make and model will be critical to getting a replacement part quickly. The sooner you get the parts you need, the sooner you can get back on the road.

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