3 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Chevy

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Even if you’ve never gotten the chance to drive a Chevy car, you probably know that they’re some of the best vehicles on the road. What you might not know is that Chevy has new and used cars on the roads in two-thirds of the world.

And that’s not all! Here’s a few other fun facts you might not have known about Chevy cars!

The Chevy symbol is called “the bowtie.” - Did you know that the little cross that serves as the Chevrolet logo is referred to as the “Chevrolet Bowtie?” It was introduced by the company’s cofounder, William C. Durant, in late 1913. Now, it’s one of the most recognizable symbols in the entire world, but here’s the thing — no one really knows how it came to be synonymous with the brand. At least, not for certain.

The first Chevy was sold for a couple thousand. - Chevy is known for offering affordable cars, and has been for years. In fact, the first Chevrolet was actually sold for just $2,150 if you can believe it. Chevy cars have continued on in this tradition of cost-efficiency. The brand actually also was the first low-price American car manufacturer to offer automatic transmission.

Chevy is seriously huge. - Obviously, Chevy is a huge brand name. Just about anyone who can be reached by advertisers knows about it, but do you know just how popular the brand is? In 2010, Chevrolet was actually able to sell a vehicle every 7.4 seconds! It’s the fourth-biggest brand in terms of auto sales, and the Bowtie can even be seen in about 130 different countries. That’s how big Chevy is.

These are just a few of the neat facts about Chevrolet. If you know of any other interesting facts — even if they’re about other cool car brands — please feel free to share what you know in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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