3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Automotive

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are around 701,100 mechanics in the United States. That number is expected to rise 9% in the next ten years, implying that automobile repair may be one of the few blue color jobs that is actually growing. Have you ever considered having a job at an auto repair shop? Here are three reasons it might be worth considering.
1. There are more than 87,000 employers in the nation
Yep, that’s right. There are more than 87,000 auto repair shops in the United States and the types of jobs run the gamut. You could be providing the cheapest oil change or doing Lexus service. Though it may not seem this way at first glance, there are a wide variety of roles to fill.
2. The Car Repair Industry makes around $59 billion per year
Don’t you want a slice of that pie? With manufacturing jobs going by the wayside and construction way down, it’s important to find stability. Auto brake service may not be the sexiest job, but it sure is steady.
3. Everyone needs a mechanic
Did you know that research suggests that 77% of cars are in need of some type of repair? In Addition, nearly 20% of cars have low or contaminated break fuel! So, you can make money at work off of a high need industry and, perhaps more importantly, you can help keep your family safe by knowing the warning signs. Having a good mechanic in the family is a true blessing and you could be that for your clan.
Automotive repair is a good, honest way to make a living. You provide people with new tires, auto brake service and a sense of safety in their vehicle.
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