3 Ways Online Car Auctions Make Buying Your Dream Car Easier

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Trying to find the car of your dreams isn’t always easy or cheap. However, auto auctions can be a great way to get the car you want at a price you can afford. Unfortunately, many auctions are held during the day, while you’re likely to be at work and this can present a problem. Unless you use openlane auto auctions to bid online, that is. Online dealer auto auctions can make finding your dream car easier in these three ways.

Larger Selection of Cars

When you use openlane to bid on cars, you aren’t limited to those available only in your small town. You can choose from cars all over the Northeast. This is especially valuable if the car you’re searching for is a classic or hard to find model.

Easy Bidding Process

One of the main problems with traditional auctions is that you, or a surrogate, must be present to bid. With your conflicting work schedule, this is not an easy task. An online auto auction removes this hurdle, allowing you to bid from work or home—anywhere that you have internet access.

This allows you to bid at auctions from several sources such as

  • insurance auto auctions
  • gsa auctions
  • bankruptcy sales
  • liquidations
  • sheriff sales

These auctions are simulcast, which means that you can watch every second of the auction and the bidding process as it happens in real time.

Secondly, most online auctions post a list of the available vehicles a week or so in advance of the auction. This allows you to search for your particular vehicle ahead of time, as well as to place what is known as a proxy bid. Much like eBay, the proxy bid is the highest amount you’re willing to pay for a certain vehicle.

Anonymous Bidding

One of the toughest things about traditional auto auctions is that the bidding isn’t anonymous. Face to face competition has a way of driving up the prices as well as inflaming tempers. This is not the case with openlane online bidding.

In fact, whether you bid at the time of the online auction, or place a proxy bid ahead of time, you can remain anonymous. This is a huge plus, as you no longer have to deal with other bidders on a personal level.

With so many great benefits, it’s a smart move to locate the car of your dreams through an online auction. The process is simple, private, and ensures your best chance for finding your elusive dream car by giving you access to a wider pool of auctions from which to choose.
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