3 Ways to Ensure the Health of Your Car’s Brakes

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Even drivers who don’t know much about how cars work know that brakes are a vital component of a safe-to-drive car. If you have no interest in learning how to do brake maintenance yourself, here are three ways you can ensure your car’s brakes are all in working order.

  1. Inform Yourself

    If you want to get the best brake service, educate yourself to at least a minimal degree on how your brakes work and what an auto repair shop technician is actually doing when you bring it in. There are several mechanical pieces that work together to transmit the force you exert on the brake pedal all the way to your car’s wheels. And since most brake systems are hydraulic, meaning that the force is carried through a fluid, there are additional parts that store and distribute brake fluid.

  2. Keep Up on Maintenance

    Brakes shouldn’t just be left alone until they need serious repair; in fact, neglecting them could lead to complete brake failure. You should bring your car in for routine brake pad service every 20,000 to 60,000 miles depending on your car and driving habits (check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer recommendation). You should also take your car in or check the brake pads yourself if you experience squeaking, grinding or shuddering brakes. Brake pads should never be thinner than 1/8 of an inch.

    It’s true that brake pads will cost a little to replace, but it’s much cheaper than the other auto repair prices you’ll pay if worn brake pads cause damage to your rotors or disks. You should also have your brake fluid regularly checked and occasionally changed; a recent car maintenance survey showed that 18% of the cars inspected had low or contaminated brake fluid.

  3. Don’t Penny Pinch

    Auto repair costs are a top concern for almost any car owner. You can look online for auto repair estimates to get an idea of what you should be paying, but in general you should be looking for the best brake service, not the cheapest. You can also search around for specials or coupons on brake service, but the best way to ensure fair pricing and good service is to develop a relationship with a local auto repair shop and take your car there on a regular basis.

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