4 Main Types of Fuel Injection Pumps

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The fuel injection system is the most important component of the diesel engine. It accurately pumps fuel maintaining a steady supply to keep the engine running efficiently. Fuel injection systems in diesel engines are propelled in an oblique manner by powerful chains within the crankshaft, which is responsible for converting reciprocating motion to rotational motion. Concurrently, the pump regulates the amount of fuel needed for propulsion.

In most gasoline engines, the injection pump plays the function of both the throttle and the ignition system. They rely on expansion and contraction movements to move fluids through the engine, hence referred as positive displacement pumps. There have been massive invention and innovations ever since Rudolf Diesel’s first engine design was patented 125 years ago. A lot of vehicles started using the diesel engine and until now, many automobiles are revolving around this fuel efficient type of engine. Unlike gasoline engines, cars that run on diesel engines are said to about 20 to 40% more efficient.

Better fuel injection and efficiency are as a result of improved engines designs that feature more advanced technology. Here are the main types of performance injection pumps you should know.

Inline Distributor Pump
This is one of the widely used types of the diesel fuel injection pump. Also known as jerk pumps, inline injectors distributes pressurized fuel on each of the cylinder located inside the engine. Made from high seal plunger units and separate pump, they are initiated by a cam located on the engine. Although an inline injection pump has a varying stroke length and timing, it’s not as good an electronic injectors.

Rotary Injection Pumps
These types of performance injection pumps are made up of a single fuel-metering plunger. It’s perhaps the simplest fuel injection pump on the market today and the fiber made spinning rotor is hydraulic attached to several ports found on the injector head. Rotary distributor pump is good in delivering an equal amount of fuel shots and it features minimum moving parts than an inline pump.

Common Rail Injection
This is a fuel injection system used in both petrol and diesel engines. Common rail is a high-pressure reservoir that feeds all the cylinders with fuel. However, the pump doesn’t determine the amount of fuel delivered in the cylinders. For this reason, it makes use of a crafty design radial piston to increase and regulate pressure within the engine.

Unit Injectors
The unit pump system makes use of injection plunger and injector to form one single unit which produces high pressure generated from the engine. The pump also features a metering assembly and they are easily operated using a cam mechanically connected to the engine. This type of performance injection pump is widely used in larger diesel engines of its fuel combustion efficiency.

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