5 Fun Ways to Use Hose Clamps

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Hose clamp

The great thing about there being all these different hose clamp types is that they can be used for many different projects. They aren’t limited to hoses or pipes. In fact, stainless steel clamps and adjustable hose clamps are often used in ‘do it yourself’ projects around the house in decorating and securing. Here are some great projects to spruce up your house using different hose clamp types.

Various hose clamp types can be used for this project but your best bet would be to use a sinner adjustable clamp. If you have extra wood lying around or pallets this is a great project that costs a minimal amount. All you need is the wood and stain if you wish to stain it, mason jars, hose clamps and whatever you decide to display in the jars. After staining the wood and letting it dry secure the mason jar to the wood with a hose clamp. That’s it. That’s the entire project! You can either display flowers in the jars which is a great kitchen or patio decor idea or you could set up a few in the bathroom as a counter space saver. Attach the jars to one long piece of wood and attach that piece of wood to the wall and then fill the jars with anything from cotton buds and cotton balls to toothbrushes or make up brushes.

Plant pot holders
Using the same types of hose clamps, attach small plant pots to a large pallet. This will give you a great way to have an herb garden if you don’t have room to actually plant one. By standing up the pallet and you can have as many plant pots as will fit on grow your own basil, oregano, cilantro and more. This project is set up very similar to the mason jars project. All you have to do is attach the hose clamp to the pallet, slip the plant pots in and tighten.

PVC ball pit
One of the best ideas I’ve seen using adjustable hose clamp types is a ball pit for children. Well PVC hoses fit into each other, using hose clamps will secure the pipes so they stay together long term. Before connecting the piping together, you’ll want to secure the netting which can be any type of material that you choose, from mesh to toulle or whatever other flexible netting is available. You can use the hose clamps to keep the netting in place as well as secure the piping and kill two birds with one stone. Once the barrier is made, fill the pit with whatever kind of ball you choose. Aerated balls like in a regular ball pit is what is normally recommended, but you could choose to use squishy balls or even balloons.

This one is a little more unique. You can take a hose clamp and pull it to a small setting and add and jewels to make a ring or bracelet. Necklaces are not recommended as it can become a choking hazard and there is no easy way to take it on and off unless you connect the chain to it and use the hose clamp as part of the dangling charm or pendant.

Outdoor shower
During the summer kids love to play outside and get dirty and they should be allowed to do this. The problem is that often times they can bring their dirt and mud inside the house and make it very difficult to keep the house clean. A simple fix to that is to take A piece of wood and attach it to the side of the house so it is sticking out. Then take your outdoor hose and attach it to the piece of wood with a hose clamp or two and voila! Not only do you have an outdoor shower, it will probably end up being a fun form of water play for the kids.

There are so many different things that you can do with hose clamps that are fun and interesting projects. They really can be used for securing almost anything as they are durable, strong and versatile. A little imagination and a few hose clamps is all you need to completely change up the style of all your home decor.

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