5 Necessary Things When Buying a Car

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When you’re walking around car dealerships, it’s easy to get sucked into the shiny, new and expensive things because they come with dealer services or seem to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Auto dealers know how to make you feel like you have to buy that car right now. Even if you are just looking at used cars for sale it can be tempting to get the most expensive car because you’re making monthly payments anyway. However, buying the most expensive car doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the latest gadgets and technology. Here are some things to look for when you are at the car dealership.

Most cars will have a five star safety rating but there are some differences that you need to know about. Just because the car has a five star safety rating doesn’t mean that the car will have six or more airbags. A car can still get a five star rating with only for airbags.

Make sure that there are two airbags in the front, two on the sides and two from the roof above the side windows. If you want, some cars will also include knee airbag switch come out from under the steering column and glove box.

Also, check into the star rating company that you’re looking at. Some organizations are stricter than others on protection.

You don’t need to have built in navigation. Some luxury car dealerships will charge over $5000 just for a navigation system. For go the built in system and buy your own portable system for as little as $100. Or better yet, buy a phone holder that sticks to your window for $20 and use the GPS on your phone.

If you really want to have a navigation unit built into the car you should at least negotiate having free upgrades for life. These upgrades usually cost anywhere between $100 and $200 so at least you could make your money back there.

Sensor key
This one has a few pros and cons. I sent your key is also known as a proximity key. As long as the key fob is nearby, The driver door will unlock at the touch of the handle.

This is good if it is you trying to get into your car so you don’t have to fumble around for your keys in the dark or if you are in a hurry. However, if you are standing near your car and talking with friends and not paying attention, anybody could walk up and try the door handle and get it open. These cars will usually start with the touch of a button as well so they could easily take your car away when you were standing merely feet from it.

Seat belt warnings
Most cars have passenger and driver seat belt warnings but no warnings about the backseat. We know that seat belts can save lives but there’s no way to know immediately if a kid in your backseat has unbuckled themselves. Having rear seat belt warnings for all seats in the car is a great idea.

A cheaper system will still have a rear warning but it will be one light for all the backseat positions which can make it difficult to find out who unbuckled themselves. However, it is better than having no warning light at all.

Besides saving lives, having a seat belt warning is helpful when trying to abide by the law as well. If you were to get pulled over and someone had unbuckled themselves and you didn’t know about it, you would still be fined.

The five year factory warranty has been around since 1999 and it is a must have. some manufacturers will offer a certain amount of years worth of coverage or it may depend on the mileage. Generally speaking, a three year warranty or a 100,000 miles is average coverage. However, many brands like Honda, Ford and Suzuki are now offering a standard five year warranty in certain campaigns.

This should be included in the price of the car and you want to make sure that you were not pulled under by the aftermarket extended warranties that car dealerships often offer. They do not cover most expensive repair items and are not generally worth the extra money.

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