A Few Surprising Facts About Local Subaru Car Dealers

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Automotive companies reach almost every citizen in America on a daily basis, due to widespread advertising campaigns, high sales, and pop culture references to cars and trucks. With so many different brands and companies, you may wonder how they are all related. Here are a few interesting facts about two automotive giants that we hear about every day.

  • General Motors (GM) is an American company that sells new automobiles and parts under several different brand names.
    GM is the parent company to Chevy, the latter being a household name for most Americans. Chevrolet is a world leader in automotive sales, and they have produced over 200 million cars and trucks since 1912. In fact, if every Chevy automobile sold in 2010 was lined up, bumper to bumper, they would reach over halfway around the world. With this many cars on the road, most people see their logo every day (whether it’s on your car, your neighbor’s, or a sign for the local new Chevy dealer) and are familiar with the product.

  • The Chevy brand does extensive advertising.
    There are over 1,000 songs that reference the Chevy brand, and this includes songs produced by hit artists. Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and Kid Rock have all affectionately mentioned Chevy in their lyrics. Chevy car dealerships are also well-known to advertising, and their television and radio commercials are played daily.

  • While Chevy is an automotive giant in the United States, Subaru has been a healthy competition for several years.
    Chevy isn’t the only brand that’s a household name — Subaru is a successful automotive company as well. In 2000, a five year ad campaign ended in which Paul Hogan portrayed his “Crocodile Dundee” film character and was a spokesman for the Subaru Outback. Local Subaru car dealers seem to be around just as much as new Chevy dealers, and it’s hard to miss their huge blue sign when it’s around.

  • Local Subaru car dealers feature a flashy blue and silver logo that originates from the Japanese meaning of Subaru, “Pleiades star cluster.”
    Subaru got its start in Japan, and its parent company is Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), a huge Japanese transportation conglomerate, and 26th in worldwide production of automobiles in 2011.

  • Subaru is concerned about its impact on the environment.
    There are a lot of auto assembly plants in America, and the very first one to achieve zero landfill status was the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana. Local Subaru car dealers invest in environmentally friendly production, and they aim to have a positive influence in every town and city in which they operate. Read more blogs like this.

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