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Anyone who really loves cars, knows about the AC Cobra. For the past few decades, pretty much the only way to get one was to build it yourself. AC Cobra kits have been available for years. It looks like car enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on a remake soon.

Recombuandnbsp;is reporting on some information about the new version of the AC Cobra 378 but also some of the misnomers about the original.

  • The new car will have two power sources. The name of the car, AC Cobra 378, refers to the capacity, in cubic inches, of the engine. The new version has a General Motors (GM) engine, the original had a Ford, which is less powerful so it has a supplemental power source to boost it to 550bhp.
  • The reliability is better than the original. While the developers of the new AC Cobra 378 maintained a high fidelity to the original design, some advancements have been made to improve the vehicle’s reliability. This includes a modern electronic control unit, brakes and power steering and a newer gearbox. Anyone familiar with the original or who made one with a Cobra car kit knows that it did not have power steering so this may come as a surprise.
  • The U.S. market will have the Autokraft MKIV Classic, not the AC Cobra. The name “AC Cobra” is owned by Ford and this new model, with a GM engine cannot use the name in the United States. Fear not, Americans, if you can buy one you can avoid making your own with an AC Cobra kit and buy one of these and know what kind of car you are driving. The bigger issue is that the car will not be available in that country right away.
  • Do you know what the “AC” stands for? Many people, who are not huge car enthusiasts are not aware of how the car got its name. The British car company, AC, was named for Auto Carriers. The company dates back to 1904.
  • You cannot blame the AC Cobra for the speed limit. One of the reasons the original car was discontinued was because many people who drove it just could not handle how fast it went. So, production stopped and, for years, the AC Cobra kit was the closest anyone could get to owning one. While the car did go very fast, it had nothing to do with the imposition of speed limits anywhere in the world.
  • Have you heard about the $100 bill story? It’s a myth. The story goes like this, a $100 bill would be placed by Carroll Shelby in the glove compartment. If anyone was able to retrieve it, while accelerating, could take it home. While the story remains popular to this day, there is nothing about it is true. The G force level of the acceleration was high and the story is good so that is probably why it has lasted as long as it has.
  • More AC Cobras are on the way. The original AC Cobra was intense to drive. The new version is more driver friendly but it still may be too intense for the casual, everyday driver. As a consequence, a more driver friendly version is already in the works.
  • Carroll Shelby was very much a part of this car’s development. Shelby was a racing car driver. He went to AC about developing a new car in 1962. He wanted one that would be better able to race the Corvette. The first Cobra was the MK1 Cobra. That led to a Cobra that could race up against Ferraris. He was instrumental in the development of all the Cobra cars.
  • This will not be a cheap car. If you want a new AC Cobra that is not from an AC Cobra kit, you are going to have to pay a lot. This should come as no surprise. It will be less than it would cost to track down an original AC Cobra but the price tag will be high nonetheless. Undoubtedly, it will be worth it for a great many car enthusiasts.

Many people will welcome the news of the new AC Cobra 378. It will be a fun and fast car.

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