Adventures in Plumbing How Even Sarah Got it Done

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Wire hose clamps

When Sarah’s plumbing went kaput, when wasn’t sure what to do. Water gushed everywhere and the smell was more than she could stand. At 2 PM on a Sunday, Sarah was sure that plumbing help might be at least one business day away. She ventured to her nearest hardware store, where supplies and guidance were easy to find.
“Who knew there were so many moving parts to plumbing? I stood by a wall of infinite supplies: spring hose clamps, adjustable hose clamps, wire house clamps, spring clamps and the list goes on and on!” said Sarah.
She mustered up the courage to chat with a sales associate and soon confirmed what she has suspected, hose clamps come in a wide variety – different materials and sizes and shapes. She learned that without buying the proper quality hose clamp, people run the risk of leaking gas, liquid or any other substances. She pondered if an ill-fitting clamp had put her today’s unruly predicament.
Her sales associate said, “A screw hose clamp- that’s what you need!” He explained that screw hose clamps are great for temporarily fixing an emergency situation – such as her pipe problem. He then recommended that the next thing she needed was a nice, honest plumber.
Sarah made an appointment on Monday and later that that week, a plumber came to her rescue. Her plumber would later suggest that in the long term, spring hose clamps would address her needs. He explained that spring hose clamps was very simple, just a slice of metal in a coil with a few slits.
Sarah danced with glee at the idea that she was no longer in danger of a smelly, messy plumbing mis-hap. She thanked her plumber profusely. With her new found knowledge on hose clamp types, she felt ready to take on any pipe!

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