Are Ford Vehicles Good to Buy Used?

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Our automobiles are a means to an end, to get us from point A to point B. But just like the horse-drawn carriages that precede them, we like our cars to make a statement when possible. Our vehicles are a reflection of our lives, our monetary means, and at times even our favorite color. Consider the ubiquitous mini-van driven by parents of school-aged children, or the sleek luxury sedan operated by business professionals. Even when the driver of the vehicle is never clearly seen, we make assumptions about the life of the person behind the wheel.

These automatic assumptions may cause some buyers to shy away from purchasing a used car. Excellent used vehicles are not hard to find. But if a car buyer has only experienced beaten up used cars and trucks, they may not be aware of the difference between excellent used vehicles and subpar ones. Because the Ford F-series has ranked in the top spot for overall great vehicle for 32 consecutive years, let’s look at how pre-owned vehicles from Ford compare to their shiny new counterparts.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Car or Truck Instead of a Nice New Vehicle?

The most obvious reason to buy a used vehicle over a new one is the price difference. Cars infamously depreciate in value once they have left the sales lot. Truthfully, few drivers would notice the difference between a slightly used vehicle and a brand new vehicle if they could not see the odometer. With this in mind, is the price difference really worth it?

Some vehicles carry a certain appeal whether they are used or not. In the case of Ford vehicles, it could be that the brand is instantly recognizable as the first. It is hard to shake the conviction that the first company on the scene probably has a few things right, especially when they are still going strong over 100 years later. According to, the first Ford vehicle ever sold went to Ernst Pfenning, a Chicago dentist, for the grand total of $850. Of course, it was only a 2-cylinder and topped out at 30 miles per hour, but it must have been exciting for Mr. Pfenning.

New Vehicles Do Not Stay Shiny and New Once You Buy Them.

The new car smell is one touted by many people as a desirable scent. Perhaps it is the thought that no one has yet damaged the interior that is so appealing. In reality, that new smell might last a day or two at most if the car is used regularly. New can mean new-to-you, and still be appealing.

A used vehicle, even excellent used vehicles, have been driven by someone else. You do not know if that previous driver had a propensity to slam on the brakes, or eat cheeseburgers at the wheel, or some other mysterious ailment will pop up suddenly and cost you an arm and a leg.

The Meaning of Certified Pre-Owned, And What It Means for You.

Every car company has their own criteria for a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. For Ford vehicles, it means the car has been inspected on 172 different points, has an included warranty, and a vehicle history report is provided to the buyer, so they can see any accidents or other mishaps that have occurred before they climbed behind the wheel.

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a safety net of sorts. It means the vehicle has been carefully examined, and was properly taken care of before it has come into your possession. The likelihood of unexpected problems down the line is greatly reduced.

“Buying a used car” can mean many things. It could mean an Aunt selling her old Ford Focus to a nephew upon graduating and heading out on his own. It could mean buying a fixed up Ford F-series from 1967 from a fellow car enthusiast. Or it could be as regular as going down to a dealership and buying one of their excellent used vehicles with an extended warranty. While new is not always better, neither does used mean uncared for. A good car is a good car, whether it has been driven by someone else or not.

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