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How Buying Cars Has Changed

Car buying and car service has changed a lot in the last few years. The internet and other innovations have brought about significant changes in the way we think about buying cars, from how we research before heading down to the Ford dealer to our views on certified used cars and car lease deals. Before you do head down to a Ford dealer or a start hunting up a Ford service center, read on for all the facts about how we do cars these days.

  • We spend as much time online as we do actually looking at physical cars. The average person buying a vehicles spends almost 60% of their time online doing research into the car they want to buy. Of those who do their car shopping research on the internet, 71% are researching the prices of cars, 64% are comparing models, 63% are trying to find out what their existing car is worth, 68% are looking at listed vehicles for sale, and 46% are getting information about those area Ford dealers.
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Has Your Car’s Paint Been Damaged? Purchase a Touch-Up Kit

Cadillac touch up paint

While today’s new vehicles continue to be available in a variety of color schemes, it’s interesting to note that white has become the number-one choice. Color marketing specialist, Nancy Lockhart, stated that this has been the case throughout the United States since 2006. Neutral colors, in general, tend to be a popular choice. In addition to white, the auto industry considers black, gray, and silver to be neutral colors as well.

In order to protect a vehicle’s paint, clear coats are applied. These coats tend to be 1.5 to two millimeters thick. While they may not protect a car’s paint integrity 100%, they do help under normal circumstances.
A large percentage of damage occurs when cars have been keyed or scratched. A Direct Line survey recently reported that 52% of the total amount of damage repor


Scoping out Local Car Services for Car Hiring or Rental

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One of the most important advantages of vehicles is that they allow you a lot of freedom and flexibility while traveling or commuting. There are many situations in life where you might be in need of your own vehicle. However, purchasing a vehicle outright can involve a significant amount of financial responsibility. There are also certain situations, mostly in the corporate sphere, that you would be in need of a certain kind of vehicle experience, one that is full of luxury and comfort. No matter what your requirements are, one great way to get the convenience of your own vehicle without having to purchase one yourself outright is to hire or rent a car from a local car service.

If you really need the convenience of a vehicle along with the convenience of being able to select your own schedules and not h


Using a Car Finder to Get Your Next Used Cars

Used cars in tacoma

Are you planning to buy a car in the near future? If you want to buy used, you’re not alone. There are a lot of used cars on the market, but finding the right car can be a difficult task. In most cases, a professional car finder service or used car dealer is the way to go, and here’s why.

  • There are far more cars to wade through than the average person has the time or expertise to look at. In 2015, the Used Vehicle Market Report recorded that there were more than 38 million used-vehicle sales in the industry. Whether at a pre-owned dealership or private party sale, about 40 million used cars are being bought and sold every year. And the cheaper you try to go, the steeper the competition is. The price rang

Four Things to Consider When Buying A Used Car

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If you’re thinking about car buying, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely whether to buy used or new. With all the car dealerships out there, and all the cars, what are the pros and cons of buying a used car? Read on for four things to consider:

  • Cars last a lot longer than they used to. If you had parents who grew up in the 50s and 60s, you might be wary of buying used. They were in constant need of auto body work, and it was hard to really know how the car had been treated before you bought it. All that’s changed now, though. The average car driving around on America’s roads right now is 11 years old, and lots of Continue Reading | No Comments

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    What is a Car Breathalyzer and Why Should I Get One?

    Ignition interlock companies

    If you’ve never thought about why to install a car breathalyzer in your own vehicle, there are some really good reasons to consider doing so. First, you should know what a car breathalyzer is, and then consider three important reasons for having one of an ignition interlock device of this sort installed on your car.

    What is a Car Breathalyzer?

    These devices, also known as ignition interlock, require that the driver of a car blow into a car breathalyzer before the car will start. The blood alcohol level of the person using it must register well below the legal limit–often 0.03% or lower–or the car will not start. Many of these devices also require the driver to do a re-test fifteen minutes into any trip, and at random intervals after. If any of those re-tests fail, the car will begin f


    Four Ways to Find a Good Auto Repair Shop

    Car body shop

    We love our cars, and we want to take good care of them. We also all worry about being taken in by a shady auto repair shop. Partly because we worry about this, as much as 77% of America’s cars are currently in need of some kind of maintenance or repair. Sometimes, though, we just can’t get away with neglecting repairs. Weather, negligence, fender benders, collisions: these are the four more common reasons we need to find a body shop. Whether you’re taking your car in to fix hail damage or for collision repair, finding a trustworthy shop is crucial. If you’re in need of auto body repair, how do you go about finding a reputable auto body shop? < ?h3> Never Sign Anything Blank IF you’re ever asked to s


    Should You Buy a New or Certified Pre Owned Car?


    certified pre owned

    Buying a car is big decision for most people. You?re looking for a combination of great value, reliability and safety. The good news is that you can find all of these in a certified pre owned car or CPO, which has undergone stringent multipoint testing. CPOs also come with extended manufacturers warranties, and bonus programs like roadside assistance.

    CPOs offer great value
    Most CPOs are typically three to five years old and offer great value for your money. You can get a practically new car from the manufacturer of your choice, with extended warranties. They are around 25% cheaper than a new vehicle, but have all the advantages of a nearly new car.
    The popularity of used Continue Reading | No Comments


    Cars Accidents and Insurance

    Auto insurance policy

    People struggle often to take care of their cars. Here is a list of statistics that show how damaging this issue is and can be, if people don’t take care of their cars, due to their lack of money or sloth type mentalities. They are in the following section and cover a great deal of topics, from the cost of repairs to contaminated brake fluid.

    • In a recent survey, research found that an estimated 77% of cars were in need of maintenance or repairs.
    • There are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S. each year.
    • On average, there?s a rear end collision on U.S. roads every eight seconds.
    • There are four main causes of auto body damage: weather, negligence, fender benders, and high speed collisions.
    • In a recent car maintenance survey, research found that 18%

    Car Maintenance Schedules Can Be Complicate for Families with Several Vehicles

    Brake service

    Do you ever feel like you are running or maintaining a used car lot?
    From making sure that the power steering is working on your wife’s SUV to taking care of the wiper replacement on your teenage daughter’s car, the automotive head of some families can be very busy. The cars that we depend on are a real advantage when everything is working, but they can be a real challenge when something goes wrong. Finding the time to replace the power steering in an SUV, for instance, often means missing out on a son or daughter’s weekend soccer tournament. Finding a day for a windshield repair can mean missing going out for lunch with a group of friends from work.
    For these reasons, it is important to make sure that you find av