Be Prepared for Your Home and Automotive Projects With a Good Supply of Hose Clamps

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Since you like to engage in do-it-yourself plumbing and other types of projects, you may be interested in learning more about hose clamps. It’s likely that you have already noticed there are different types of hose clamps, such as spring, wire, and worm gear clamps. These clamps are also available in different materials and sizes, which includes extra large hose clamps.

Hose clamps are also referred to as hose clips. They are a device that can attach and seal a hose onto specific types of fittings. Barbs and nipples are just two of types of fittings that may be involved. In general, hose clamps are designed to handle moderate pressure on all sides. Since having a tight seal is required to avoid leakage, it’s important to make sure that there aren’t any nicks, scratches, or contamination between the hose and the barb.

It’s also necessary to use the right type of hose clamps for the job. Since these clamps come in a variety of sizes, such as extra large hose clamps, you can find the right one in order to handle the size of hose that you have. When you don’t have a longer clamp on-hand, however, you can also combine, or daisy-chain, several shorter worm clamps together to create the length that you require.

One of the obvious reasons why it is important to have a high-quality hose clamp in the right size is avoid having gas, liquid, or other substances leak through. Since hose clamps are usually used with automotive systems or household plumbing systems, leakage can create issues that you want to avoid.

If a hose ever becomes stuck, you shouldn’t remove it by cutting or slitting. This is because doing so can scratch the barb, which will then cause a leak. Another helpful tip is to turn the screwdriver counterclockwise when you’re expanding a hose clamp. Make sure to continue doing this until the clamp opens all the way.

Hose clamps are also a good substitute for other items that you may need for a project. They are used like heavy-duty zip ties or instead of duct tape. This makes hose clamps an excellent device to have in your tool box to handle various do-it-yourself home and automotive projects.

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