Can Cars Without a Steering Wheel Be Safe?

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Is Google changing the future of transportation and affordable used cars? Google self driving cars have logged 700,000 miles on rural expressways. Just last month, Google tested its cars on California’s congested city streets. Now, the leading Internet company is creating prototypes of its self-driving cars without a steering wheel, brake pedal, or gas pedal. Are these models safe, and how will the affect car sales in the future?

Can Cars Without Brake Pedals Be Safe?

According to Google engineers, the answer is yes. Google recently identified a major problem with their self-driving cars: previous models relied on human drivers to take over an event of an emergency. This is not a realistic expectation. Humans passengers may be distracted or busy and may not be able to take over time. The new prototypes solve that problem. “They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work,” Google explains.

So far, Google’s self-driving cars have an impeccable safety record. In over 700,000 miles, the automated models have been in just two accidents. The first was the fault of the other driver. The second cccurred only when I human driver took over the wheel.

How Will Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Affect Sales of New And Used Cars?

How will self driving cars back to the future of transportation and car sales? Will Google’s self-driving cars replace affordable used cars and the best used cars? Will have an automated vehicle? The answers to these questions are not entirely clear. However, don’t expect buying used cars, rental cars for sale, or used cars on finance to change anytime soon. Google will release new vehicles in 2017 at the earliest. However, changes may delay sales to the public.

Google’s self-driving cars may very well change the future of transportation and car sales. Years from now, Google’s self-driving cars may be the safest vehicles on the market. For more information see this.

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