Car Shopping Online? What You Need To Know About Vehicle Shipping

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Auto shipping companies

The car buying game has changed significantly in the past decade. Less and less consumers are heading down to their local lots and haggling over prices, and more and more are heading to the internet for the vast majority of their vehicle search. With younger generations become more and more technologically dependent, that trend continues to rise. Here we explore how the vehicle purchasing market has changed, and how auto transport companies help facilitate the process.

The Online Vehicle Market

An estimated 15 million cars are sold annually over the Internet on such sites as eBay Motors, Cars.com, CarsDirect.com and AutoTrader.com. 94% percent of consumers globally research cars online before they buy, with about 33% willing to purchase their vehicle over the internet. By 2025, Generation Y is expected to account for 75% of all vehicles purchased. With the growth of the online car buying market, other markets have developed to facilitate the process. USA Today reported that three out of four cars sold on eBay in 2009 were interstate transactions. When considering purchasing a vehicle online, it is important to also consider how you will obtain that vehicle.

Enter the Auto Transport Companies

The U.S. car shipping industry is worth approximately $12 billion. It provides a necessary service for those purchasing vehicles online from distant states. These providers are experts at quickly and safely transporting vehicles from state to state. Trucking a vehicle 1,084 miles from Houston to Chicago will cost approximately $550. Cross country from New York City 2,916 miles to San Francisco, would cost about $1,000. Shipping your car will cost less during winter than summer peak months. Rates are $200 to $300 higher during the summer. These vehicle shippers are experts at ensuring the safe arrival of your vehicle no matter the distance.

These services take the hassle and confusion out of retrieving a vehicle from another state. They also offer specialized services for other large purchases that need to be shipped across large distances. Contact a local company before making the purchase to ensure your needs can be met.

If you are considering buying or selling a vehicle online, odds are you will need to enlist the help of auto transport companies to assist in the process. These companies are able to deliver quotes that can give you an idea of the total cost of purchasing that bargain vehicle online from another state. Check out available resources on auto shipping before making your online purchase.

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