Tips for Tipping When You Opt for Valet Parking

Valet parking ticket

Valet parking has been around for a long time. The term itself was coined in 1959 and is derived from the French term “valet de chamber,” which means male, household servant. There are a number of reasons people opt for getting the 3 part valet ticket. It certainly takes a lot less time and effort than driving around looking for a parking spot. If you decide to have your vehicle parked, you have to decide how much you will tip your driver when they return your car or truck.

  • Try not to go overboard. Sure you want to reward good service when you get it but that does not mean you should fork over a ton of cash. Around the country, tips for valet parking range anywhere between $1 and $5. You should never give less than $1. If the weather is really bad or if the person has really gone above and