What is a Car Breathalyzer and Why Should I Get One?

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If you’ve never thought about why to install a car breathalyzer in your own vehicle, there are some really good reasons to consider doing so. First, you should know what a car breathalyzer is, and then consider three important reasons for having one of an ignition interlock device of this sort installed on your car.

What is a Car Breathalyzer?

These devices, also known as ignition interlock, require that the driver of a car blow into a car breathalyzer before the car will start. The blood alcohol level of the person using it must register well below the legal limit–often 0.03% or lower–or the car will not start. Many of these devices also require the driver to do a re-test fifteen minutes into any trip, and at random intervals after. If any of those re-tests fail, the car will begin f