Why to Drive A Subaru Home Today

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There are so many car models available now, it’s hard to decide what model or brand will be right for you or your family. Each company has excellent advertising and similar safety and efficiency claims. How do you choose? However, one car manufacturer has seen an upswing in popularity recently–that of Subaru. Both Subaru dealers locally and nationally have been seeing an increase in sales. Subarus have good longevity and dependability report.
Learning A Little About Subarus
The Subaru originates from Japan and is made in the automobile manufacturing department of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), which is a transportation conglomerate. In fact, in 2011, FHI received the ranking as the 26th largest automaker internationally, in terms of production. FHI has been around for a long t


Used Cars Know Your Warranty Options

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Looking for used car dealerships in Rochester, NY is pretty much the same as looking for a used car dealership anywhere: many choices, but it’s hard to know who you can trust. Beyond that, it can be a challenge to discern your options as far as the warranty is concerned. Here’s a breakdown of the various used-car warranty options to help you understand when dealing with Rochester car dealerships:
Basic (Used):
Most states allow dealerships and private parties to sell a car without a warranty. Dealers sometimes will offer what’s called a “minimal warranty” in an effort to help sell the car quickly. These are rudimentary policies that offer some percentage of coverage, i.e., 50% of parts and labor for a limited set of components or capacities, They often expire quickly, some as quick as 30